have known and been a client of Brandon’s since 2006! Guess why I am still hanging around; because he’s great, knowledgeable, higher expertise at what he does. Very client forecast no matter what time of day you need him. He accurately completes my taxes in time with guaranteed money back. He’s such a down to earth, nice, friendly and easy to talk to. For all these years, he’s provided professional, pleasant customer service!”
Jerva K.

“These guys are awesome. Brandon helped my wife and me through every fine detail of not only setting up our personal finances more effectively but also of creating a corporation for our home-based business and establishing quarterly payroll as well. He is professional, courteous, and takes the time to make sure we understand the answers to our questions. The staff in the office is a pleasure to work with as well. Highly highly recommend!”
Brian R.

“ Brandon and his team have been preparing our income taxes for the past 2 years. Their professionalism, knowledge, and skills are exceptional. Our taxes are prepared in a thorough and timely manner, and our questions are always answered. We highly recommend Menava!”
Jon C.

“Always pleased with Brandon and his services! My family and I have been with him for years and he is reliable, professional and easy to reach. We will continue working with him for years to come.”
Raha Y.

“I have been a client of Brandon’s for a few years now and I am very pleased with the assistance and advice I’ve been given! He is very knowledgeable as it relates to new law changes and how to accurately complete my taxes. Very friendly and easy to talk to about numbers! Office staff provides wonderful, pleasant customer service!”
Shawnta R.

“Brandon and the staff at Menava are super professional, easy to work with and very responsive. I’m a small business owner and Brandon always takes the time to patiently answer my (many) questions. I would recommend them to everyone!”
Heather B. </ strong>

“I’ve been doing my taxes there for right at 20 years. It’s mostly the same staff and since Brandon took over and it became Menava, they have really stepped it up. Tax time is stress-free, they take care of everything. I’d give 6 stars if I could.”
Benjamin V.

“Brandon was amazing!!! I came in late today, needing an extension on filing my taxes, and Brandon looked at my information and decided it could be done immediately! I was there maybe 20 minutes and everything was taken care of and thoroughly explained so that I felt better equipped for the future. I am recently divorced and have not previously filed my own taxes; Brandon answered questions that I did not think to ask, living up to and beyond the name of his company by leading so very well.

I am better prepared for the next time and feel so much more confident for the future!

Thank you, Brandon and all of the staff at Menava, I am so very blessed from my visit and highly recommend to anyone wanting a quick experience with honest people.”
Crystal W.