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Good morning everyone and welcome to the podcast this morning. My name is Brandon Mack Roy and I’m the president of Mineva, Jacksonville based tax and accounting firm where we help our clients achieve their financial goals. So this morning we’re talking about the importance of taking back the morning and having a good morning. That’s why I said good morning because I wanted you to have a good morning. So if you’re Jacksonville CPA is not giving you valuable information like this, then you need to call Mineva or email us or, and schedule a free one on one consultation. Our first consultation is always free. So this morning I’m excited to introduce you to guests that we have. We had the other day as well there, Mrs Lillian and Mrs Morgan. Good morning. How are y’all doing today? Very well. Do you all have a Jacksonville CPA?


Okay. All right. So today we’re talking about the importance of taking back your morning and having a good morning and the effects of exercise. So Ms Dot Morgan. Um, this morning she exercised in the pool, is that correct? Ms Dot Morgan? Yes. Yes. You exercise in the pool this morning. So how do you feel that that changed the, uh, your energy level bolts and your, and your mood from yesterday when you did not get in the pool and exercise.


Okay. Calmed you down because you realize you had a little bit of free time, which usually you don’t. So what do you think was, was responsible for you having more free time than you usually do?

Oh, you got up earlier. Okay. Listen, listen. I’ve heard other entrepreneurs say they have never met a successful person who does not get up early and plan their day. Okay? So very important. Get up early, take the day, get some, get some exercise in, whether it’s jumping jacks, jumping rope. I’m swimming in the pool. I have a business owner client who gets up every morning, he does 30 minutes on the elliptical and then he hopped straight into his saltwater pool. Um, and he said it’s so invigorating, so invigorating. And this gentleman, folks is almost 80 years old and he still does this almost 365 days a year. He did admit to me that there were two days in the winter he did not jump in because it was too cold and this is an outdoor pool, so if your Jacksonville CPA is not talking to you about taking back your morning, then you need to give my neighbor call. We will. We discussed the things that other people are afraid to discuss. So Ms Dot Lillian. Have you noticed that exercising in the morning helps you to think clearer and to better deal with the things that the day brings to you? Yes. Yes. Did you exercise this morning?

I’m just a little bit. Okay. Well what’s a little bit. I can exercise this morning when I woke up, but it wasn’t very much exercising. Okay. But what was it? It was running in place,

running in place. There you have it folks. See, and you can do that from pretty much anywhere. You can do that from your home. You can do that in the gym. You can do that out in the yard. You can do that in an airplane. You can do that in a boat. You can do that. You can’t do it in a car, but you can stop on the side of the road and do it. You can do it from, you can do it in Iceland or Bangkok, Thailand or Cusco, Peru or La Paz, Bolivia. So if you’re a Jacksonville CPA is not meeting your needs, then you need to give them an eva call and schedule a free consultation with us and let us help you, help you take your business to the next level. So, um, uh, Ms Dot Morgan and Ms Dot Lillian. Have Y’all ever sat down and planned your day?

So tell me about your mornings when you get to bomb your place of business, which would be a, your businesses called a s, c h double o, l, right? Is that what your business is called? Okay. So your business, Scott, s, c h double o, l. So we now get to. When y’all get to your place of business in the mornings, what do y’all do? Do you immediately just hop in and start working or do you sit down and play in your day or have you done that the day before? So you planned your day the day before? Uh, let’s go with Ms Dot Lillian first

we get to our um, if you don’t, we actually plan our day before so we already know what we’re supposed to be doing. I always when I’m supposed to be doing and so it’s just basically really easy to start my day in my business.

Okay, great. So she brings up a good point. Dr Robert Zellner. He is, he doesn’t get up at the crack of dawn, but he does get up relatively early. He is a, he owns a bank. He owns a racing stable. He owns an optometry practice. He owns a sleep center. He owns an auto auction. This guy is a serial entrepreneur, but he plants his day the night before. Okay. And so here she plans her day, the day before, and so when she gets into her office, she is not worried about, you know, oh, what should I do? She knows exactly what to do. She starts down, it gets very efficient. Okay, let’s go. Move over to Ms Dot Morgan and find out ms dot Morgan. Do you plan your day the day before as well?

I don’t write it out, but I do paint and sort of in my head, but when I get to the business I usually don’t just jump right in because sometimes it’s a little confusing when I’m supposed to be doing and what I’m not supposed to be doing, so we usually write out my own thing and then start working.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I think you’re moving in the right direction, but you need to. The you ever heard the term? The faintest of ink is better than the best of memories I’ve ever heard. That if your Jacksonville CPA has not told you that, then what are you doing? Folks need to come over and give given a call, so you need to just more than have this in your head. You need to write it on paper. You write it down on paper, get it out of your head and on paper everything. You need to have a place, a central place where you can get things out of your head and on paper, okay? Because you don’t. You don’t want your head cluttered up, but things that, uh, are minuscule and things that don’t matter, just busy stuff, you want to, you want to make sure that it is your mind is free and clear to think strategically and creatively. Okay. Alright. So what do you think about that? When you think about that? A very good thing. Yes. Okay. So today before you leave, are you going to go and, and play in your day on paper? Uh, Ms Dot Morgan?


Okay. Ms Dot Lillian. Are you going to do the same thing?


Okay, great. Great. Um, so folks, we’re, we’re running out of time here, but just wanted to go over hope you enjoyed this session about taking back your morning with me, myself and I, Brandon Mcelroy, the president of Mineva, and with Ms Dot Morgan and Miss Lillian. So if you have a Jacksonville CPA that is not meeting your needs, then please schedule a free consultation with someone at Mineva so we can thoroughly assess your business, make sure that your entity structures are correct to where you are not paying any more tax than you have to. And also to make sure that you are constantly reviewing your metrics and are on track to meet your financial goals. That’s it. Signing out.