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So good morning, my name is Brandon Mcelroy and I’m the president of Mineva, Jacksonville based tax and accounting firm. If you’re Jacksonville CPA is not giving you the love and attention that you need and give them a Neva call, schedule a free consultation and we’ll go in depth analysis and your business and find out what you need to do to achieve your financial goals. So here today we just want to talk about achieving your financial goals and what it takes, but it’s here today with on podcasts. I have two guests, have my two oldest daughters here, so we’re just going to talk about business and what it means to achieve their financial goals. So, um, again, I see so many Jacksonville cpas out there, Jacksonville Cpa who are just doing compliance work, doing tax returns and not focused on adding value to their customers.


call Mineva. That’s what we focus on the value. So here we have Alice, she’s 11 years old and we have eva, she is nine years old. And so we’re going to talk to them about achieving financial goals. So Eva, what financial goals have you set this year? Have you set any financial goals this year? Not Exactly. Okay. So if you were to set a financial goal this year, what, what would it be? What kind of a financial goal would you set this year? And maybe let’s make sure that you talk, answered the questions as quickly as possible because we don’t want a lot of dead space in this recording. So a financial goals, what kind of financial goal would you,

would you agree? Would you set a earned money? Earned money? That’s a good financial goal. So now let’s talk about a goal. Okay, Alice, let’s, let’s talk. Let’s find out what your financial goal would be. Would it be the same or is it something different than what the same? So they both have the financial goal of earned money. Okay. So let’s talk about, um, let’s talk about defining that goal a little better. Okay. So if your Jacksonville CPA is not defining, helping you define your goals, then culminate, but schedule a free consultation. So earned money. So if you girls earned a penny this year, would you feel like you had, did achieve your goal? Okay, now. Alright, good. So what I’m getting at is when you make a goal, you to be specific. So there’s an an acronym that’s called smart goals should be smart and so s, m, a r t, so s stands for specific, right?

So earn money is a good goal, but you have to be specific. Okay. So could, it could be like we’ve said obviously aren’t just earning money is not your goal because we said you said you wouldn’t be happy if you just earned a penny. Right? So goal has to be specific. Like I want to earn $300 before the year ends. That would be a specific goal, don’t you think? Yeah. So when you think about goals, you have to think about it in that way. It has to be specific. And then if you’re Jacksonville CPA is not setting specific goals with you is not helping you set specific goals. Then Coleman Neva and schedule a free consultation. So the next word that would go with this acronym for smart goals. Remember I said goals should be smart first is s specific. The next is m measurable, Right. Okay. You did have kind of a specific goal where you said than to earn money.

Right? But that wasn’t measurable. You couldn’t measure it. So using the example $300 by year end, now that’s measurable. You can measure that because you can say once I’ve earned $100, you can measure that I’m one third of the way there. One hundred $50. I’m halfway there. So that’s measurable. That does. Does that make sense? Girls? Okay. So then the next goal, the next letter would be a for attainable or achievable. Alright. So you know, you could set a goal like I want to be the richest person in the world by next month. Well I don’t think that’s very attainable to you.

Attainable means reachable, like able to be achieved second default. Exactly. So that’s what I’m saying. So in setting a goal, it needs to be something attainable. So having, being the richest person in the world by next month is impossible unless you’re like, you know, Bill Gates and you’re just a, you know, a few million dollars away from the next guy. Okay. So starting from ground zero being the richest person in the world, that is something that takes a very, very, very, very, very long time, a lifetime in a lot of cases. So let me take a drink of coffee here.

So a achievable, attainable, Yup. So s dot specific, measurable, achievable, and then our, what is our for, you know, what I can’t really remember what ours for. Um, but retainable okay, that’s a good one. Retainable. And so if you’re Jacksonville CPA is not helping you set goals and you need to call them and Neva and schedule a free consultation and you know, in see what we can do. We have video testimonials on our website, have happy clients and we’ve saved thousands in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and you know, help them grow their business. We’ve given them business consulting that if you know, in, in merger deals that have helped them earn a whole lot more money than if they would have gone into it without consulting us first. Let me say that. So, so we were talking about goals here today with a podcast guests. I’m a Morgan and Lillian here, so, um, so we’re talking about, okay, so


our is relevant. It has to be relevant. Okay.


so relevant is, you know, something that can be related to. So like, you know, you could say I want to earn, I want to go to Africa and make sure all the people have fresh water that’s not really relevant to your life and your goals. Maybe that’s a good, good longterm goal, but it’s not very relevant for you as a nine year old school girl at the moment. But I think earning $300 by years in is a good goal to have. Okay. And so that’s as specific and measurable. A attainable are relevant in the last for smart goals t, any idea what t stands for? I know what t stands for, but do you know what t stands for? It’s a question.

If you’re Jacksonville CPA is not helping you set smart goals, then you need to call him and Ava and let us give you a free consultation. Okay? And we can help you grow your business. We can even help you set up an automatic millionaire plan to, um, you know, retire with financial freedom and, um, do the things that you love and enjoy the people that you love. So the last letter is t time bound. Right? So if we said, you said I want to earn money, that was your original goal. Okay. That’s not time bound, right? So time bound means you have a deadline on it. So earning $300 by year’s end. That’s time bound. What’s the time? Years End. So all goals need to be time bound. Does that make sense? Okay. So specific, measurable, achievable, relevant time bound, smart goals. Just remember that one. Setting a goal that your goal is, has to be smart. Do you girls have to set goals in the mornings when you work on your schoolwork?

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. So you, when you said I’m going to do x number of pages in my book today, does that a goal? Yeah. So you have to set, don’t you have like a little gold card? Yeah. So you set goals with your work. Anyway, that’s it for right now. Um, we appreciate you tuning in. Tune in next.