Jacksonville CPA | Our Minimum Package

So welcome back to the podcast. My name is Brandon Macra and the president of Mineva, Jacksonville based tax and accounting firm. So we are the competitor to your Jacksonville CPA. Okay. We are not typical CPA firm. We do things differently. Um, we help you achieve your financial goals. We help you plan so you don’t fail the difference between failing. If you don’t, if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. Sorry, took me a while to get that one out. But I’m here today on the podcast to, uh, to go over what we offer in our minimum package, our minimum service package. We are membership only accounting firm. Okay. We’re not the typical Jacksonville CPA. We are a membership only accounting firm. So,

um, please, if you have, if you do not feel like you are getting what you need at your, um, your current accounting firm, please give them a call and we will help you. Okay. So again, my name is brandon and I do not have our, um, our bullet list of items here in front of me of our normal a package. But you know, we will, we, we have a minimum surface package, governmental mom dollar value that we will bring on a new client at is $225 a month. So we would love you to try us out. If you’re Jacksonville CPA is not helping you meet your goals, then please give us a call.

So we,

we cover things like what is the best way to have your business set up your business structure? I’m, should I have a management company and have an LLC or should I have a, a corporation, a c Corp or an s corp or you know, or what does all this mean? Now we cover that in our minimum service package. Okay. Or minimum service package. Okay. And um, we’ve, we save our clients thousands. I would venture to say save my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes retroactively. So I’ve had clients come to me with tax returns at other accounts I’ve prepared and I have retroactively in some cases, three years, gone back three years to amend tax returns and in gotten money back from my client. So one case, it was, you know, 20,000 bucks over three years I would say that’s worth a phone call, don’t you if you’re Jacksonville CPA and um, if Jacksonville CPA is not helping you meet your financial goals, if you don’t feel like you’re in control of your finances, if you feel like you’re missing something, you give us a call and talk to Tanya, set up, set up an appointment with me and um, we will go over what you need to have a sound financial plan.

So another thing that many Jacksonville CPA will leave out is planning for the future. Okay? So here, here’s the typical Jacksonville CPA firm.

Typical Jacksonville CPA firm is. Hey, tax deadlines coming up. I need your stuff. Okay, I’ll bring you my stuff. Okay. Where’s your w two. Where’s your, where’s your k one? Where’s your stock brokerage statement? Where’s your rental income information? Boom, let’s get this done. We get it done. File a tax return. Hey, you owe money. Oh goodness. Oh, money again. I can’t believe that. Sorry man. Government’s got to keep going out the door. You don’t get another call until next year. Okay, if that’s you, if that is your Jacksonville CPA thing, give them an eva a call. We do not operate that way. Okay. Like I said, we’re a membership only from to where we have regular meetings. Our minimum meeting frequency is quarterly, meet quarterly and we go over the things, you know, planning.

Are you, how much do you want to have when you retire? When do you want to retire? Do you not want to retire but maybe scale down two to three days a week. I’m working with a business owner in the sixties, now he, he wants to scale down to three days a week. So we’re working on, on making that happen for him. Okay. So what are your goals? What do you need to do to get there? Um, I feel like as an accountant, we know so much about our clients’ lives and we have such valuable information. Um, and we can be such great value to our clients. We just need to communicate that value and deliver on that value. So

if you were not getting the love and attention from your Jacksonville CPA, please give him a call and set an appointment. So, uh, we talked a bit about tax planning, tax planning, I see tax planning and to separate as two separate functions. So preparing for a known tax liability. And what do I mean by that? So, okay, my business made $20,000 this quarter. Okay. My wife made this much at her job. I have this much in rental income, whatever your specific situation may be. Okay, I need to pay x number of dollars in taxes this quarter. And then we project that out to the end of the year and figure a known tax liability versus a lot of people just, they just go fly blind. They spend all their tax money and they file their tax return and they find out that they owe thousands upon thousands of dollars in taxes and they don’t have money to pay it.

So tax planning, planning for a known liability. And the other, the other facet to tax planning is taking the, the known information in a known tax liability and then analyzing all of the factors and trying to figure out if there is a way, illegal way to reduce that tax liability, whether it be buying once a certain a company vehicle versus another that will qualify for immediate write off or maybe it’s a self rental for less than 14 days in a year, um, or maybe it is, I’m hiring your child to make sure that you were, um, and you know, if you pay your child a certain amount, um, and it’s below the filing threshold, then you do not him. You can claim that as a deduction and your child does not have to claim it as income. So brilliant strategy there and you know, different things like that.

It changed them. Your entity structure around constantly doing a, a salary analysis. Okay, so federal income taxes are not the only taxes that can be saved. You can save social security and Medicare or self employment taxes. I’ve seen a lot of people overpaying salary and versus taking distributions. So the irs allows you to pay yourself a reasonable salary and take other prophets out as a corporate distribution free of self employment tax on that saves you 15 point three percent. So you know, we’re talking a significant amount of money. So if you, if you’re overpaying yourself by $20,000, $30,000 savings right there. Okay? That’s just one strategy. So you know, and I don’t, I hate to look at tax saving strategies as a one year, a $3,000. Not much. I had someone telling me, I told him, well if you, if you move this here, if you incorporate this, if you do this, you’ll save $7,500. She’s like, well it’s not that big of a deal. Sounds like a lot of hassle for that. I’m thinking $7,500. You wake up 10 years later, that’s $75,000. That’s a college fund. That’s, I mean that’s not even counting compound interest. Invest $7,500 at eight to 10 percent for 10 years and see what you have. Okay? This stuff is important. It adds up. So that’s all for this podcast. Thank you for joining me. Please. If you’re not happy with your Jacksonville CPA, please give him a call.