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Hello everyone and welcome to this podcast. My name is Brandon Mackleroy. I am a competitor to your Jacksonville CPA and uh, I’m the president of Mineva. Give us a call and set up an appointment, see how we can help you out and fill the need, fill your tax and financial needs that are not being met at the moment. So what are we going to talk about today? We’re going to talk about

money management planning for the future and a tax savings. So if you’re, Jacksonville CPA is not meeting with you in a regular basis and walking you through these things and you need to please give them an eva call. So we do things differently than a normal CPA firm. So we do things differently than the typical Jacksonville CPA. So we are a membership only from. Okay, membership only from. We do not accept individual clients, we only work with businesses, business owners, we do individual work as long as it is connected in some way to a business. And

um, we work on a membership only basis. So we do have some clients that are what’s called legacy clients that are not in that model, but as far as new clients that we add a, we are only doing it in this way and it makes, and we’re doing this not only to streamline our own operations, but also to better serve the customer. Thank you. So a lot of times we found that people don’t know what they don’t know and to try to educate them and help them grow their business and make sure it’s set up properly. And to save money in taxes. We almost always start with a basic membership package that includes some of what we call the essentials of what every business owner needs. Tax Planning, preparation. I’m a little bit of retirement planning, understanding how your numbers work, making sure you have a solid system in place for your accounting. Um, you know, just things that we have put in place for some of our clients. And I’ve seen huge results.

So what are some things that we go over and the basic membership package. So first we sit down and we do an analysis on your, your waist, and I’m spending, I’m sorry, we do an analysis on your, your spending and your numbers and see if there’s any waste or cost reductions that we can help them. We say on average we will save a client. I’m three percent on their expenses. That’s the first cut costs, cut costs. A Co cutting costs only goes so far. So then we have to really understand what drives your business and you have to get your numbers and a specific format, a specific frequency to really understand what drives your business. Um, and then we use that information as a tool to help your business grow. I’ve seen, um, businesses get way out of hand and lose money because they were not on top of this. Um, they’re looking at lagging indicators, getting financial information late, not looking at the leading indicators to get the information that they need to grow their business. So

let’s talk about. We’ll talk about revenue. Okay. Getting the key. Oh, well first, I, I’ve only come back a minute. So we’ve found that I’ve personally seen business owners get too top heavy on their staff Labor for productivity. Greg crabtree, CPA, he is not a Jacksonville CPA. He’s in Alabama. Um, but his labor productivity, a calculation is just one of the best I’ve seen. So he says Labor productivity is the number one indicator of profitability in small business. So, um, and I, I guess this is kind of my hobby horse because I’ve just seen it too many businesses. You have someone there who feels entitled, um, they don’t, they’re not pulling their fair share, they feel threatened by other employees, especially new employees, especially new employees with the work ethic. And we’ve found that, uh, you can, uh, many customers, many customers, myself included, have released staff members to the workforce, release staff members to the workforce and then that’s code firing them, um, and then picked up a new team member that just will take the place of them plus another person or another or two more people. So labor productivity is something that you always have to be aware of, be tracking. You have to be. Um, so for instance, just because you are tracking your numbers does not mean that it’s going to grow your business, okay? Tracking your numbers are a way to help you

realize the information or the actions that you need to take in your business.

So I’m getting back to where we were. So just tracking numbers, looking at key performance indicators is going to do nothing for your business. Okay? Again, what this does, it gives you the information on when to act, how to act, what to do for the end, for instance, and your labor productivity number, your metric that you need to be looking at. It’s going to let you know. And most people that I work with already know this. Okay? They already know I worked with, with one, uh, an architect, firm owner they were doing, they had maybe 10 employees, you know, they were in the millions in revenue. Uh, they were breaking even and a lot of times at a loss and the business. And so I, I did the, the analysis on the, um, the labor productivity. And I said, you know, you’re not getting what you need out of your labor.

And she said, yeah, I know, I know so and so’s slacking, but I probably, and I probably should get rid of them and, but if, if I have another project, I want to make sure that, that um, I have him on staff. I’m thinking, what, what? You’re just sitting, you’re paying for him to sit in that chair, you, you hired me, you paid good money to find out why you’re not profitable. And here you see, you’re, you’re telling me that you know, while you’re not profit, what’s your labor? So, and I told her, you need to fire him, come back the next meeting. Did you fire him? No. Okay. There’s not much I can do to help you. But, so a perfect example, it gives you, if your labor productivity is not where it is, you need to take a hard look at what’s being done.

And if you, if you have very diverse labor force, you know, if you have jobs, you have admin, things like that. Maybe we’ll get into a little bit more detail. So you can really figure it out, uh, you know, is it, is it just because you’re not pricing your jobs correctly or something to that nature. But anyways, the metrics give you the information you need to act. Okay? So if your Jacksonville CPA is not telling you this, please give me an AICPA call and we will help you achieve your financial goals. Okay? We will help you achieve your financial goals. And um, so we talked a little bit about knowing your numbers, planning for the future. Um, we will talk more about what our minimum package. We’ll get you in future podcasts.