Jacksonville CPA | Figure Out the Break Even Point

we were talking about the importance of knowing your numbers and finding out how many customers it takes to reach financial goals. So we were talking about measuring, measuring, measuring, because if you’re not being proactive and measuring the amount of customers, then you’re gonna. You’re gonna wake up and it’s going to be six months down the road and you’re going to be way off target and it’s not going to be anybody’s fault, but yours and maybe your Jacksonville CPA who is not helping you with this, tell you what folks need to come by the office Mineva so we can help you figure these things out. Okay? So you need to to hold your team accountable, hold yourself accountable to make sure that these numbers are hit. So as I said, you need to get a spreadsheet and the you need to track weekly what’s going on here, so how many customers you served and then you also need to keep track of your weekly income and expenses to find out is that number that we used, the, the $1,000 number in the earlier example of the $1,000 profit per customer. Not just use that just because it’s now this time in the morning, it’s, you know, I’d rather do a little math is possible. So it’s easier to use those numbers.

So do you also need to do weekly tracking of your profit in your. I’m sorry, you have your income and expenses to make sure that your profit per customer number is staying true to that $1,000. Like for example, myself, I may have one customer that is a $200 job and I might have another customer who has a $30,000 job. So no, it’s going to vary a lot customer to customer. But what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to look for an average and um, you know, it’s not going to be perfect, but then I don’t know, um, anyone who is perfect accept for Jesus. So

now folks, if you’re tired of working with the Jacksonville CPA who is not proactive, we combine Mineva can give us a call at three, eight, nine, seven slash 11, set up an appointment to talk to me. We’ll go through the initial consultation is always free. We’ll go through and we’ll do a deep dive into your business and get the information that you need to reach your financial goals. Because I’ve got news for you. The business is here to serve you. There’s way too many entrepreneurs out there who are not getting what they need from their business. And it really truly breaks my heart because you went in business. Well, I’m assuming that you went in business because you had that entrepreneurial spirit. You wanted to create something in the marketplace. You had all these goals and these plans and then you get out there and you start trying to run your business and life just kind of smacks you upside the head and uh, it’s very hard and go find that, that if you’re not proactive and if you have a Jacksonville CPA that is not proactive, then you need to give your neighbor a call.

Do yourself a favor, do me a favor, give us a call so we can walk through these items with you. So now all you have to do is be proactive and be hold yourself accountable and measure these numbers and measuring the numbers is going to help you find problem spots. So like I said in the other example, if it’s week two of the month and we just, we just determined you need 19 customers to reach your financial goals, making that six figures, that mythical six figures, then you need to serve 19 customers per month. If it’s halfway through the month and you’ve only served five customers a, then you got a problem. So you need to find out what’s going on. Are you short staffed? Are you, who are you, your marketing systems a failing or are they not effective? And you need to have a three legged marketing stool. Now a Jacksonville CPA firm would be proactive in telling you these things, but they’re not. I’ve been in the business for a long time, for 13 years, 13 going on 14 years and I’ve let met a lot of CPAS and I don’t know one that he’s talking about these things. So got to track, you got to hold, hold yourself accountable to hold your team accountable. And

as you’re going through these numbers and you, you, um, you get into a weekly rhythm of things, you’ll find that it become apparent to you. Um, if you, if you keep a pulse on your business, it will become apparent to you where the problems are with just a little, a little digging. So important. I’m sure you can see the importance of knowing your numbers. So if you have, if you have your, your head in the sand or as people like to say, I’m in the trenches working. Oh, that’s, that’s all that’s all well and good. But, uh, you know, if you stay in the trenches for too long, it’s going to happen, you’re going to get shot and you’re going to be out of business. So if the Jacksonville CPA you’re working with is not telling you these things, then you need to find someone new, come to my neighbor and we will help you. Now at the moment we’re working with plumbing companies to help them reach their financial goals and just determined in your heart that you’re going to do these things, that you’re going to follow a plan and first of all that you’re going to create a plan. And I heard a wise man say, make a plan. Work the plan. You know, you can have all the greatest plans in the world, but if you don’t work your plan, then you’re never gonna. See the fruits of your labor, your goals and your dreams are never gonna come to fruition.

So again, if you have a Jacksonville CPA firm, I can almost guarantee you that what they’re doing is a tax return once a year and they’re not doing any kind of forward thinking, planning, or any such thing. Um, especially this, this knowing your numbers, I would say that majority of them, I do not do this for any of their clients yet. It is something that every business needs. So I will take a break and see you in a few minutes.